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Welcome to the 8b8t Wiki

You are now at the 8b8t wiki. Please take a look around, we strive to archive history on 8b8t.

Our server ip is:

Our discord is:

Our website:

What is 8b8t?

8b8t is an anarchy Minecraft server based as a clone of 2b2t, an anarchy server running since 2010. 8b8t’s life began in June 2018, when SevereAutism hosted the server for free. The server was opened with values such as a responsible, and not abusive owner (so much for that one), to never reset, and that a duplication glitch will always be kept. However, SevereAutism proved to be abusive anyway: griefing spawn, spawning in withers, illegal items, etc. Then, Bait took over ownership of the server until he sold it to Goose in 2021.

More information

8b8t is hosted on 1.12.0, with the crafting table dupe always active on 1.12.0 clients. However, it supports all clients from 1.7 to 1.15.2

A list of the Major Players can be found

A timeline of the history of 8b8t, both in text and picture format is available

A list of groups on 8b8t is now available

A list of Common Players is also available

Our terms

We have some rules straight away: Just because this is about a anarchy sever does not make this a anarchy wiki, we maintain order here.

1. No vandalism.

2. No deleting pages.

3. No false articles.

4. No adverstiving.

5. No doxxing.

6. No suicide encouragement.

7. Keep articles formal, don’t load them with swear words unless needed in a quote or something.

8. Admins have the final say

9. Ask Ezra if you can read write a article about yourself (xxEzraBxxx#6807 or message him ingame if you happen to see him).

10. Ask Ezra if you can make your own group page, if not, add your group and some info to this page" Groups on 8b8t.

11. No self praise in your autobiography/your own article.

12. Before saving an edit or post, make sure you have correct grammar throughout the edit or post.

13. These rules can change any time.